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Broadcaster / Speaker / Olympian



Honestly Inspired Growth

Olympic Downhiller


5x Olympic Broadcaster


World Cup Medallist



Kelly does NOT tell the classic 'athlete's story'.  

However she IS talking about living in a culture that went from participation to domination, shares lessons learned from her time interviewing over 30 mothers of World Class athletes, and how harnessing fear enabled a scaredy-cat to become a World Class Downhiller.

'VanderBeek was the MC for our general session and her

grace, beauty & humour

lit up the stage.'


The Snow Industry Letter

(Mountain Travel Symposium)


Popular Topics


3 pillars (and my not so secret, magic ingredient) required to create a framework for successfully crafting moments of success for you, your coworkers and your clients alike.

Putting the


Back in TEAM

Yes, you read this correctly.


Teams are made up of individuals, and it's about time everyone stops ignoring that fact. I'll explain why, and how doing so will garner better results, empowering both the individual and the team.


Crafted it with Intention

From the foot soldiers to the leaders, I walk the audience through how Canada went from a 'Participaction' focus to 

'Owning the Podium'.

Learn from this case study to better understand, change, and elevate the culture around you.

Harnessing Fear

notice, name, harness

Pushing comfort zones and understanding that fear will rear it's ugly head (because we're human) & how to recognize it, overcome it, finally how to use it. 

After decades of facing the visceral fear of bodily harm, I became a student of fear.

In the end, I overcame my fears, and can teach you how.


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Based in Canmore, Alberta


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