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Honestly Inspired Growth

- this is me - 

I don't fit into a box. 

Neither should you.

Through storytelling, I show how you too can succeed across multiple platforms while living a long and enriching life.

I am an Olympian. 

I am a World Cup Medallist.

I hosted the Olympic Games, Stampede and Red Bull's Crashed Ice.

I have photographed the Royals.

My paintings hang in galleries.

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner.

I speak French.

I am a mother, wife, volunteer.

I take on challenges with fearless ambition and I can help you do the same with my accessible tools.

I am a lover of people, of stories, of connection.  I look forward to making that connection with you and your team.

Let's break the mould together!

'VanderBeek was the MC for our general session and her

grace, beauty & humour

lit up the stage.'


The Snow Industry Letter

(Mountain Travel Symposium)


Popular Topics

F*@! The BOX

For decades I worried I didn't fit into a definable box.  How do I market myself? How do I keep my brand simple (avoiding the 'too many jams' syndrome).


I'm done trying to fit into a box and I'm better for it.  

You can be too!


Through definable tools, I can help your team succeed across multiple platforms and lead with inspired productivity and focus. 


How can you and your team be more successful, more quickly?

Lean Into Discomfort.

Easy to say, hard to do.

I walk your team through a relatable and functional plan to help understand why & how pushing their comfort zones will lead to greater success.

My method has also proven helpful getting employees back to the office, post COVID.


Crafted it with Intention

From the foot soldiers to the leaders, I walk the audience through how Canada went from a 'Participaction' focus to 

'Owning the Podium'.

Learn from this case study to better understand, change, and elevate the culture around you.

Kelly VanderBeek Speaker Broadcaster Pho

Harnessing Fear

notice, name, harness

Pushing comfort zones and understanding that fear will rear it's ugly head (because we're human) & how to recognize it, overcome it, finally how to use it. 

After decades of facing the visceral fear of bodily harm, I became a student of fear.

In the end, I overcame my fears, and can teach you how.

KellyV_Alexis McKeown Portrait__0186-WEB
PyeongChang CBC Hosts 2017
Kelly VanderBeek Guest Host CBC THE GOODS
KellyV_Alexis McKeown Portrait__0383
Beginnings By Kelly VanderBeek Children Family
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.48.11 AM
Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.42.04 PM
Kelly VanderBeek Photographer Beginnings By Kelly

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Based in Canmore, Alberta


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