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Many wonder why so many athletes (myself included) have such a strong artistic thread within their personalities. 

For me, sport was also a form of artistic expression - especially when I reached the highest level of performance.  In that space of world class competitio...

There isn't much that catches my attention, but when something does, I like to share it.  

Most recently, an article talking about the nonsense that is the wellness industry and how Peak Wellness has been reached (scientifically that is). 

Yet, sales are soarin...

It was like clockwork.  With the looming pressure cooker of an Olympics or World Championships, coaches & associations went a little crazy - and many athletes followed suit. 

To avoid this, read on.



Every 300m you go up, the UV increases by 4%. 

So, for example, when you're skiing Lake Louise, high atop the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you're facing roughly 35% MORE UV rays than at sea level.

That's a lot! Especially when 80% of those UV's get reflected back again...

I just finished reading an article about children's absenteeism from school as being an indicator for future troubles, like dropping out of high school.  The article began by suggesting parents reconsider pulling their kids from school for a few days of vacation this w...

 "When you were 16y old, what was your DREAM car? Close your eyes, take your time.  I want you to picture it in as much detail as possible.  What would the steering wheel feel like, the leather smell like, the engine sound like?"

This is a question I...

Simple right?

Well, it is. 

However, (yes, there is a 'but' and I'm trying to make it sound better with a 'however') the hard part comes in identifying cause and effect. Then the really hard work begins when implementing & sustaining change. 

Good habits ar...

November 12, 2018

I have my misgivings about the 2026 Olympic Games Bid (WADA…need I say more…), and likely losing my TV roles with CBC (since they traditionally lose the bidding war to host home Games’).  

Yet, I am still a firm supporter of the 2026 Bid and this is why.

Selfishly, I bel...

October 11, 2018

The old adage that running will ruin your knees has long been debunked.  

(If you need another example, here's one from last year.)

However, if you already have a 'bum' knee that's suffering from osteoarthritis, should running be avoided?

A new study in the journal o...

October 1, 2018

I sat with Rob Murray from Mountain FM to discuss fear, facing it, and how overcoming it can change your view (& path) in life. 

Listen in: