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PYC Podcast - NOW LIVE

My conversations on PYC Podcast are highlighted by unexpected twists and turns.

I was surprised to learn one athletes’ experience of standing naked atop St. Moritz; another is how doping scandals had a guest questioning their Olympic pursuits all together; while an orthopaedic surgeon to many Olympians described why he believes injury is a catalyst for creating better athletes.

Perhaps it’s a comfort level with a retired athlete, perhaps its something else, but my guests answers felt authentically unguarded making these conversations intimate and uniquely Canadian.

Guests on PYC Podcast surprised me, enticed me with story, and made me laugh. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed recording them.


The Promo & What's in a Name

'PYC' is how insiders say PyeongChang, home of the 2018 Olympics.

PYC Podcast asks ultimate insiders to swap their stories, strategies and knowledge about the Olympic games.

Olympian downhiller turned broadcaster Kelly Vanderbeek hosts the almost daily discussion.

PYC Podcast is recorded out in the real world...cafes and clubs, arenas and ski hills, pubs and parks, wherever Kelly and her guests might actually be that day.

Who & What To Expect

Every episode features a conversation about the Olympics from a perspective that only athletes and sports professionals know. It's all about sharing the intimate details of life inside the athletes' village, coachs' quarters, or broadcast booth.

So, for example, we start off with Steve Podborski, who shares some awesome stories from the good old/bad old days of the Crazy Canucks...and Nordic Skier and WADA member Beckie Scott, whose twin challenges are fighting cheating, and the cynicism that goes with it...and Kurt Browning takes us on a funny but insightful behind the scenes tour of the ones to watch in figure skating today.

Upcoming conversations include Denny Morrison, the Lazarus of Speed Skating, Manny Osborne-Paradis, on the best party in Alpine Skiing, Bart Schouten, who knew he wanted to coach before he was even in middle school. We get 50 years of memories from Hall of Fame broadcaster Steve Armitage. PJ Kwong dishes on the delights of watching skaters perform. Christopher Spring, the fastest hippy on ice talks about van life and piloting bobsleds...and Heather Moyse shares intimate details about her career in bobsled too. Knute Johnsgaard, nordic skier, has Yukon living tales that are worthy of Jack London, and we get insights into the rock'em sock'em sport of Ski Cross with Kelsey Serwa.

Plenty more guests to be announced.

PYC podcast, your almost daily dose of Olympic conversation.

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