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Slow Cooking...Athletes?...Employees?

No, this is not a set up for some scary horror scene, but rather, a coaching philosophy that caught my attention.

Coaching by educating your athletes on the ingredients to success.

This analogy is taken from the idea of coaching athletes with a vision towards teaching them how to cook, rather than simply handing them a recipe (a.k.a. a program).

Sporting success is a long, slow process. No 'Instant Pot' tools in this world!

The process of coaching (continuing on this cooking analogy) looks something like this:

- Lead by example

- Supply strong recipes

- Teach 'em how to COOK (at this level, coaching takes on a very collaborative flavour)

This last step is where world class performances happen and, I would argue, the only place from which they happen. Once you have the tools, and an athlete is enabled, this opens up a world of creativity.

And yes, there is extensive creativity in sport. The way we train, move, and how technique evolves all came from people being capable and willing to experiment. To try a different way and blaze their own trail. Athletes like Body Miller, Tiger Woods, and Serena Williams broke away from tradition in their training, and went on to create new ways of skiing, golfing, and playing tennis.

Looking at old problems with a new lens can be critical in keeping work life 'fresh' for everyone - coaches and athletes alike. That is why, when reading this interview on Divergent Thinking: Inside John O’Malley - I felt it was worthy to share.

I also shared this coaching analogy with Rob Murray on Mountain FM.

Listen In:

Bring this philosophy into your work environment:

How does this philosophy connect to our every day lives, even in you're not an athlete/coach?

Simply replace the word coach for 'manager' or 'boss'. The principles remain the same. Training an employee is the first step, but the goal should be to have them cooking sooner than later. This will add to efficiency in the work place and, as a side bonus, empower the people around you. (...which leads to better talent retention & interpersonal dynamics).

NOTE: If you're following my radio segments, I will continue to expand on those conversations and supply supporting links for my research/data. All here, on my Blog.

Feel free to follow along & keep these conversations going!

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