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Protect Your Skin This Winter

For 15y, I made my living outdoors. Now, I make my living in front of a camera. For my skin, these two worlds did not go hand in hand.

Kelly VanderBeek - Ski Racing

Chasing winter and racing down mountains was my sole focus as a ski racer....protecting my skin was not. Now, as a professional broadcaster, how I look may directly link to my longevity in this industry.

All of a sudden, my skin mattered.

Kelly VanderBeek - Broadcaster - Hosting the Olympic Games in Korea

Thankfully, my unique skin colour (which I affectionally call transparent) meant I have always worn sunscreen and was relatively consistent about it for most of my life. However, I was less than perfect through my teenage years & early 20's.

Then, even while working as a TV host, taking care of my skin didn't really hit home until my husband had 27 stitches after having skin cancer surgically removed from his face. Now, that $!*# is real.

So, in an effort to help others learn to care for their skin this winter for both looks & health, here is what I do, & what I've learned.

#1 - Sunscreen matters

Favourite for DAILY WEAR

(and works well with makeup):

This product is my favourite for daily wear. With 10% zinc, I trust it. The bonus is, I can wear makeup without it looking thick or layered and it has Vitamin E to act as an antioxidant & B5 for moisture.

Best Sunscreen for Sport or increased time Outdoors

Favourite for Sport / Altitude / 1.5+ Hours Outside

(pretty good for MakeUp as well)

When hosting the Calgary Stampede or a live 6h Outdoor Show at the Olympic Games - I had to ensure my skin was both protected & looked good with makeup. This was my 'go-to' product for that purpose!

#2 - Rehydrate & Heal

Vitamin C Is Your Skins Friend Too

Ok, you've spent the day being pummelled by snow pellets, sunshine, or simply Canada's dry winter air (especially in Alberta) - this means you need to rehydrate. Daily, I use Di Morelli's Vitamin C Serum before I apply my daily or nightly moisturizer.

Let's get serious

This mask is the best thing to have happened to my skin since living in Alberta. I look hilarious with it on (envision a melting face) but it works. 30min, and my skins looks & feels like new.

#3 - My Washing Secret


I remove any makeup with a proper makeup remover ( got me...that is something). However, I then use nothing more than warm water & a gentle facecloth to exfoliate & clean.

Know Ingredients:

If you care about what you're putting into your body, you should also care about what you're putting onto your skin.

My final tip is to know the ingredients and the source of the products you buy. DiMorelli Skin Care Products are made in Vancouver and is Physician directed. I also happen to know that physician - Dr. Morrell because he worked with the ski team for years - which is part of why I trust their product.

Enjoy your winter and keep looking good (& being safe) doing it!


Listen into Rob Murray & I chatting skincare for your face this winter:

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