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  • Kelly VanderBeek, OLY - Motivational Speaker

New Year's Resolution - Focus On Habits For Big Change

Simple right?

Well, it is.

However, (yes, there is a 'but' and I'm trying to make it sound better with a 'however') the hard part comes in identifying cause and effect. Then the really hard work begins when implementing & sustaining change.

Good habits are not easy for anyone - they take work. So, let's break down this idea of fostering good habits to achieve big goals so 2019 can be the foundation for a better you.


Step 1: Identify Your Habits

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Q. What habits are helping you?

(...and yes, we all have good habits. Knowing you have good habits is a critically important step because it proves you can have, build, and foster good habits.)

Q. What habits are hindering you?

Q. What is your goal(s)?


Step 2: Choices Become Habits

Now the really difficult part - finding the will power to change long standing habits. This is NOT easy. Whether it's the food we eat, the activities we do, or our emotional reactions, our habits make up who we are.

Remember your goals - that reminds us WHY this effort is WORTH it.

Life is made up of a series of choices, so start small and implement better choices. These choices, in time, will become habits.

Trust the process and you will get there.


Step 3: You're Human - So Plan For Mistakes

You're human, you will make mistakes. So PLAN for them!

Assume you're going to fall off the band wagon, crash hard, (insert appropriate euphemism here).

But before this happens, plan for its eventuality.

Having strategies to notice, stop, and rebound from missteps is the only way to ensure success.

Throughout this process...remember to be kind to yourself. Building new habits isn't easy.


Step 4: Fuel Your Will Power ('re going to need it)

- Focus on your end game

- Reward yourself emotionally when you have good days - acknowledging good choices and why you're making them is critically important to fuel your will power

- Keep your focus small: on the next choice, the next moment - find a mantra to help you do this


May your next choice strengthen the habits needed to achieve your goals!

Happy New Year! - Kelly

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