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  • Kelly VanderBeek, OLY - Motivational Speaker

An Analogy That May Save Your Life

"When you were 16y old, what was your DREAM car? Close your eyes, take your time. I want you to picture it in as much detail as possible. What would the steering wheel feel like, the leather smell like, the engine sound like?"

This is a question I regularly pose to groups I work with, to kick start our session.

After they'd had time to thoroughly imagine their 16 year old selves and their dream car, I ask everyone to visualize being given the keys to that dream car...with ONE CATCH:

This was the only car they would EVER have for the rest of their lives.


I then ask, how they'd expect to care for that car?

Would they baby it? Push it? Let it rest? How would they manage every moving & non-moving part in that vehicle?


That car is a representation of our bodies.

It is your only vessel to move through this world. It is our ONLY means to walk, climb, love, and rest.

Have you babied it? Have you listened to it? Have you LOVED it?


This is one of the most effective analogies & visualization exercises I do that, on a core level, garners a 'buy-in'.

Acknowledging that our bodies need love and attention is the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life.

....stay tuned to my blog for more tips on how to live that healthy & balanced lifestyle.

For more, contact Kelly.

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