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  • Kelly VanderBeek, OLY - Speaker - Broadcaster

Enjoy The Snow...But Protect Yourself

Every 300m you go up, the UV increases by 4%.

So, for example, when you're skiing Lake Louise, high atop the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you're facing roughly 35% MORE UV rays than at sea level.

That's a lot! Especially when 80% of those UV's get reflected back again. (Compared to only 10-20% on the beach).

Why do I care? Well, I work in TV and how my face looks (apparently) matters...a lot. However, I really began to care after my husband and 5x Olympian was diagnosed with Skin Cancer a few years ago.

So, in our household, we take sun protection seriously and so should you.


1) USE Sunscreen EVERY DAY...even in WINTER! (See stats above)

This is the product I use because it's physician directed & because it's made in Canada. I trust the ingredients like the 10% zinc oxide (my preference over chemical reaction based sunscreens).

Bonus #1 - it looks good with makeup on. (Important for my TV gigs)

Bonus #2 - Since I was presenting on BT Calgary this morning, DiMorelli is offering a 25% discount through the weekend.

2) Your Eyes Matter Too - Cover Up & Change Lenses

The UV rays on the snow were shown to be 2.5x more dangerous than those on the beach in a 2009 Japanese study. This means, your eyes are at great risk of damage. So cover them up with a high quality goggle that offers 100% UV A/B/C protection like all of Markers products.

In sunny conditions change to a darker lens for 2-reasons:

1) Pro-Athlete Tip: If you're squinting, research shows that causes stress to translates throughout your body.

A similar reaction to clenching your jaw.

2) Less Squinting = Less Wrinkles

Note: The magnetic goggle & lens system shown on Calgary's Breakfast Television was the Marker 2020 Squadron +. It will be available next fall!

3) You've Heard It Before, "Reapply Sunscreen" - This trick will help you do ACTUALLY do it

Yes, the image is correct. It's a contact lens case.

But for this purpose, you're going to fill it with sunscreen. In my experience, one side filled with sunscreen will offer 4 to 5 full face applications of sunscreen (or any other cream like moisturizer or makeup). For travel & TV purposes, I usually have sunscreen on one side and foundation on the other.

...I know right!

I wish I'd come up with it, but I have to give my husband the credit. Packing for a flight and struggling with carry-on liquid allowances, he suggested this idea as a solution. It's been life-saving on flights and skin-saving on the slopes.

For more, contact Kelly.

WATCH: BT Calgary segment - click here!

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