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Art & Sport - why the connection?

Many wonder why so many athletes (myself included) have such a strong artistic thread within their personalities.

For me, sport was also a form of artistic expression - especially when I reached the highest level of performance. In that space of world class competition, there was a lot of room for interpretation of movement, of expression, and of taping into what makes an athlete uniquely different from other competitors.

As an athlete, I taped into the right side of my brain (the artistic side) as often as I could. To be honest, I believe it was that skill that helped me reach heights I'd never imagined possible as a kid who learned to ski on a rope tow.

So, in many ways I feel I am a lifelong artist, it is only my canvases that have changed. From skiing, to photography, to painting - they all have a connection to each other. Even my work as a speaker and broadcaster fits into this vein. It takes creative insight and connection to tell stories and paint pictures with words.

I see beauty in sport. In the struggle, in the quiet and in the triumphant.

Although I haven't blogged in a while, I have been busy in all aspects of my work life: speaking, broadcasting & photography/painting.

In that vein, I thought I would share some of my photographic work (that is done in conjunction with my broadcasting work).


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