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  • Kelly VanderBeek OLY, Broadcaster, Trainer, Artist

BRANCH OUT - enabling more women to shift their focus onto sport

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I'm a lifelong storyteller and photographer who's passionate about breaking down barriers so others may follow in my footsteps. An Olympian and World Cup medallist, my professional life now straddles Broadcasting/Speaking and Photography.

Originally focused solely on newborns, families & weddings, my professional photography is now intricately linked to my work as a sports broadcaster. But sadly, when covering sporting events, I’m often the sole female photographer.

I wan that to change.

That's why I built BRANCH OUT - a women's sports photography workshop.

This event is designed to help break down barriers, build skill, confidence and community so women feel empowered and capable to photograph live action sports.

I'm excited to announce and share that, in under a week, it's already 85% Sold Out!

Diversity among storytellers matters, and I'm excited to help encourage more women to Branch Out!

NOTE: Although this event is marketed towards women, ALL are welcome!!!! So please, don't hesitate to reach out.

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