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Keynote / Emcee / Training

Kelly works with event planners to craft unique presentations that ensure audiences grasp

ideas with lasting influence.


Kelly does NOT tell the classic 'athlete's story'. 

(You know the kind...dream big, work hard, get knocked down, get back up, win medal)

However, she IS talking about living in a culture that went from 'participaction' to domination, shares lessons learned from her time interviewing over 30 mothers of World Class athletes, and how harnessing fear enabled a scaredy-cat to become a World Class Downhiller.

Kelly's speeches often centre around the concepts of Culture, Focus, & Fear.


Drawing on experience as a broadcaster/host and sports journalist, Kelly brings her 'Primetime' work ethic to all her emcee roles. Researching topics so thoroughly, she often fools the experts themselves.


Kelly's specialties include moderating panel discussions that engage & excite while utilizing her humour to touch on topics often considered taboo.


With Kelly at the helm, you will have a smooth, engaging

& fun event. 


Kelly loves connecting with people and teaching is an obvious extension of that. Kelly passes on tips from world class teachers along with her experience from two decades of working on both sides of the media fence (interviewer & interviewee). 

She helps her clients develop stronger:

- communication

- motivation

- efficiency

- leadership

- fear management

- team building

Group & 1-On-1 sessions available upon request.

Contact Kelly

Based in Canmore, Alberta


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